About Us

Wintex is a leading brand in tissue paper products which was introduced 33 years ago by its promoters , Mr Satish Rekhi & Mr Satish Bhatia .  

Wintex has been enjoying a grand reputation in the market due to its premium quality products and customer service. With the opening of a huge production plant with state of the art technology from around the wold, Wintex has diversified it's portfolio massively.

With more than 100 SkU's , it has something for everyone- B2B & B2C. Also, it is into customization of product as per requirement of the client.

W: Widest product portfolio
I: Icon of premium quality and customer service
N: Neck to neck pricing
T: Top brand reputation for the past 33 years
E: Extra soft, hygienic and super absorbent products
X: Xtra care for you